Pecan Season Is Rapidly Approaching

I know it's been awfully quiet from us at Shady Grove, but, we haven't forgotten about you! We've just been busy working on the farm. Lately I've been realizing that pecan season is just around the corner and that makes me really excited.

Pictured below is the current state of some native pecans out in one of our pastures. They are looking good at this point. I also spoke with one of our suppliers yesterday afternoon and he told me that so far the pecan crop is average to above average so that is encouraging.

Pecans growing

We still have a few of our pecan halves in stock, not sure if they'll last till the new crop makes it in or not. We're out of the pecan pieces as well as our chocolate covered pecans. (they're not listed on our website)

We tried a few chocolate covered pecans last season and they were a hit! (said the scale) We also tried some roasted and salted pecans and they were really good as well. This fall we plan to offer several different candied pecans on our website as well as out of our farm store. (stop by for some samples)

We'll keep you posted as we get closer to pecan season, so for now, all the best!

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