Pecan Halves
Pecan Halves

Pecan Halves

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Premium, shelled pecan halves.

There's nothing like crunching into a fresh, buttery tasting pecan. These pecan halves are perfect as a stand alone snack or if you enjoy roasting and salting them, they get even better!

Conveniently packaged in individual 1lb. bags and heat sealed for freshness.

We offer these in 1lb., 3lb., 6lb., 10lb., and 20 lb. bundles. <Best Value> Save by buying in bulk and splitting with friends.

If you would prefer them in ONE bulk bag, we offer that as well. You'll also save some money by purchasing them in our bulk bags.


*Available November 1*

If you'd like to be first on the list, send us an email and we'll put you on the mailout list. Thanks